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CNC Syntax Editor supplies a two cut down versions called CNC Syntax Editor Free Edition and CNC Syntax Editor Professional. Free version omits some of the advanced features found in the professional edition and is ideal for users who either want a low cost or free solution or are not interested in more advanced features.

This page lists the principal features of CNC Syntax Editor. It identifies those features that are not available in CNC Syntax Editor Free Edition.

CNC Syntax Editor Free Edition is free of charge for personal use.

Feature set

The following table illustrates the main features in CNC Syntax Editor and shows which of these are eliminated from the Free Edition:

Feature Enterprise Professional Free
CNC intelligent editing with Undo and Redo
Unlimited file size 4 KB limit
Syntax highlighting
Default and customizable color schemes
Visual splitting code groups
Simple, menu-driven step by step set-up
Run a program in minimized mode
Save settings to Windows registry
Multiple editing windows at once
The recent files list
The ability to delete empty lines
The ability to delete comments
The ability to delete non-printing characters
Editor bookmarks
Upload files to CNC machines via DNC Precision software via DNC Precision software
On-line help
CNC specific tools
File compare
The code repository Four items only
Numbering and renumbering of program lines
Exchange axes
Add and remove spaces
Find ranges  
Mocro record/play  
Duplicate line numbers checker  
Adjust spindle speed and feed rates  
Back plotter    
Price (USD)9969Free of charge
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