CNC Syntax Editor. M code. Standart M codes for various numerical controls (CNC)

Since version 2.0 our CNC Syntax Editor software supports syntax highlighting for all G and M codes from the table below. The trial or FREE version of our software you can download in the Download area. We are planning to add tooltips with comments for each G code or M code in the program interface in the next release. You can ask our support team for details about our software and is features.

G codes and M codes chart
M00 Program Stop
M01 Optional (Planned) Stop
M02 End of program
M03 Spindle CW
M04 Spindle CCW
M05 Spindle OFF
M06 Tool change
M07 Coolant #2 ON
M08 Coolant #1 ON
M09 Coolant OFF
M10 Clamp
M11 Unclamp
M12 Unassigned
M13 Spindle CW & Coolant ON
M14 Spindle CCW & Coolant ON
M15 Motion +
M16 Motion -
M17 Unassigned
M18 Unassigned
M19 Oriented spindle stop
M20-M29 Permanently unassigned
M30 End of tape
M31 Interlock bypass
M32-M35 Unassigned
M36-M39 Permanently unassigned
M40-M45 Gear changes if used, otherwise unassigned
M46-M47 Unassigned
M48 Cancel M49
M49 Bypass override
M50-M89 Unassigned
M90-M99 Reserved for user
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