Windows menu

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Windows menu

CNC Syntax Editor includes a Window menu item that contains Tile, Cascade, and Arrange Icons commands to offer users an easy way to arrange their open documents in the client area of the frame window.




Arranges all open, non-minimized windows in a cascading stack. Click on the title bar of any window to make that window active and fully visible.


Tile orizontally or Vertically


Arranges all open, non-minimized windows so that an equal portion of each window is visible. When tiled horizontally, the windows are arranged up and down the screen. When tiled vertically, they are across the screen.


Arrange Icons


If you do not wish to include a window or windows in a tiled or cascaded arrangement, minimize that window and it will appear as an icon. This menu command arranges icons in rows at the bottom of the screen. These icons cannot be seen if any document window is maximized.


List of the open document windows


The Window menu item contains a list of the open document windows, which lets users quickly switch among them. (The window that currently has focus appears in the list with a check mark next to it.)