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Use the View menu commands to display or hide different elements of the environment and open windows that belong to the editor environment.


Non printable symbols - show/hide all characters with a code < 32 (Dec). Tabs, line feed etc.

Separate commands - this options enables visual splitting of NC commands in a line.


Choose View->Toolbars to show or hide the following in the editor environment:


Standard - New, Open, Save, Save All, Open Project, Add file to Project, Remove file from project;

Tools - Code repository, Lines numbering, Shift, Scale, Mirror, Exchange axes, Add and Remove spaces;

Task bar - this bar displays titles of all documents opened in the editor environment;

Status bar - this bar displays status of the editor environment.


Check the items you want to display and uncheck those you want to hide. The toolbars provide icons as shortcuts for actions you can perform.


Locked scrolling - you can open two windows and enable this options. In this case if you'll scroll first window, then second window will be scrolled too and vice versa.