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Customizable Syntax Highlighting;

Customizable code snippets;

Search and Replace feature;

Can upload programs to a NC with help of DNC Precision;

Super comfortable editor with savable bookmarks;

CNC specific tools: scaling, mirroring, lines numbering etc.

Windows XP-styled interface;

MDI interface that supports multiple windows;

Windows/Unix/Mac line endings support.


Once the program is launched, the main program window is opened (fig.1). It is the editor environment. This image below shows the CNC Syntax Editor screen with its various parts labeled.


1. Menu bar - Menus are described in the Menus section of this help file;

2. Editor toolbar - contains button for quick access to the editor functions;

3. Tools toolbar - contains button for quick access to the set of CNC programer's tools;

4. Editor window - the place for editing your programs. A Title bar of this window shows the file name of documents opened. If your document is modified, then title bar contains the "*" character after a file name;

6. Editor popup menu - сlick the right mouse button after text selection to acces this menu. This menu is same as Edit sub-menu of the main menu;

7. Task bar - shows file names of all documents opened. You can switch between documents by clicking a button on the task bar;

8. Status bar - shows current status of the CNC Syntax Editor and other information such as:


       Shows a short description of highlighted menu items.

       Line No: Shows line and column numbers of insertion point.

       CAP: Indicates that the Caps Lock key is on -- otherwise blank.

       NUM: Indicates that the Num Lock key is on -- otherwise blank.

       OVR: Indicates that the text being entered will overwrite existing text rather than being inserted. This is toggled on and off with the Insert key.


9. Gutter - displays editor lines numbering and uses for bookmarks and full line selection, described in the Edit menu section.



Fig.1 The main program window


Most CNC Syntax Editor menus have built-in hints. For example, when you move your mouse over a menu item, the hint is displayed on the status bar as shown on the screen shot.



Fig.2 Hint window