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Renumber lines


This feature will add or remove the line numbers. Standard CNC line numbers with the format of Nnnnn are used. When adding (numbering) the lines you have the choice of numbering each line with its true line number, or to start the count at a certain number and increment by another number. To add the line numbers click "Renumber lines". A dialog window will appear (fig.1).



Fig.1 Renumber lines dialog box


This dialog allows the user to choose the section of code to process. The defaults are "First linse" and "Last line" of a file. To change these numbers, click the check box and enter the required line number into the window. Please note that the line numbers in this box are not block numbers (Nnnnn), but are document line numbers.

The Status Bar shows the document number of the line where the cusor is located. The section of the file to be processed may also be chosen by selection.


Start line number - It's the number that will begin the sequence on "First Line". Integer numbers only can be entered.

Step - Enter the increment amount. Integer numbers only.

Renumber lines without numbering only - Checking this box will add a block number to a line of code that is currently without numbering. Lines beginning with N,O,P, and any non-alpha character will be ignored.

Leading zero for numbers - CNC Syntax Editor will add leading zero for lines. For example: last line number is 9999 and first line number if 10, then CNC Syntax Editor will add the following text to the first line: N0010.


Remove line numbers


Removes all block numbers from the current file.